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Wisdom to Maximize your Jubilee ~ Apst. Eric Israel Okere

Wisdom to Maximize your Jubilee ~ Apst. Eric Israel Okere

Text: 1 John 3:8b
Speaker: Apst. Eric Israel Okere

Date: 14th August, 2021. 2nd Service

1 John 3:8b (KJV)

For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.


Everybody must understand the purpose of anything that they are in, if you do not understand the reason for something, you will not maximize it. Myles Monroe says “abuse is inevitable”.

2 Timothy 9:1, your purpose is already set before the world began, you must key in to what God has said concerning you so you can fulfill purpose in details, many people are fulfilling purpose but not in details, not the way God packaged it.

Different types of purpose:

Purpose is “destiny”.

  1. Divine Purpose: Everybody has a divine purpose, it is the reason why God made you, if you don’t know the reason why God made you then the second in the list will be your portion.
  2. Demonic Purpose: When God gives you a reason to be in this world, the devil also creates a counterfeit reason so incase you don’t want to fulfil divine purpose, you will find yourself fulfilling demonic purpose. Example, witch doctors today are supposed to be pastors, but as they are not fulfilling divine purpose, the devil gives them demonic purpose.
  3. Self-determine Purpose: This is when you create a purpose for yourself, especially when you create a purpose for yourself out of your career. Ecclesiastes 2:26.
  4. Diluted and Corrupted Purpose: This is when you are trying to fulfil divine purpose and the devil is also sending you on errands and the two are mixing together, being a Christian and also a dubious fellow, you are born again and also an adulterer.
  5. Discarded or unknown Purpose: There are people on earth that do not know why they are here, they are just around following the trend and when it’s time to die, they’ll just die, nobody knows why they came.

Divine purpose is greater than every other purpose.

What do I do to maximize this jubilee that God has brought us into:

Discover the following;

  1. Life is a school, from the day you were born, that was the day you resumed your class, life is a school and you must attend it. Hebrew 5:8-9


  • Lessons repeats itself till you learn it, if you don’t learn it very fast the next time it comes it becomes harder and life’s lesson comes through adversities.
  • We see things not the way they really are but the way we are, so improve on yourself so you can see things better.
  1. Life is a calling and a career; you must find out why you are here. Remember Joseph in Genesis 37:7-9 he discovered the reason why he was on earth and fulfilled it, life is a career, you must find it and if you don’t find it, you’ll end up wasting the entire investments that God gave to you.
  2. Life has hidden paths; God does not reveal everything to you. There is a hidden path in destiny that you don’t know, suddenly you find yourself achieving uncommon things, you see great things begin to happen to you.
    • That hidden path is what makes you a mystery.
    • It Is what makes you history when you leave. Your life is not just on the surface, there is a hidden path that you have to figure out in destiny.
  3. Life has Chronos and Kairos timing, you must discover the Chronos and capture the Kairos, the Bible talks about it in Ecclesiastes 9:11, and in that passage, TIME is CHRONOS and CHANCE is KAIROS. Everybody has time, but you must discover your chance inside the time, if you miss your chance, you may never get it again.

For example; David and his brothers had a time when Samuel came to their house, elders were trembling when Samuel came, all of them gathered, it was their time, God wanted to pick a king among them, and when the time for Shammah came he missed it and so did the rest miss it, when their chance came they all missed it but as soon as David arrived they said he is the one and they poured oil on him which was his Kairos moment, that Kairos moment came only once.

  • Time plus chance is equal to opportunity; learn to capture opportunity, Pst. David Adeboye said once that an opportunity is a strange man, he has many hairs at the front but bald at the back, so when you see opportunity moving, capture him from the from the front because when he passes, there is nothing to capture at the back.


  1. Everybody has time and chance, received grace to capture your chance in Jesus name, amen!
  2. May God give you the grace to capture opportunities.

There are 12 major courses you need to do in this life for you to maximize your jubilee;

  1. Self-worth: you must build your self-worth to become who God’s wants you to be, without self-worth you can never go far in life, you must know who you are, you cannot be harassed anyhow. You must groom your self-worth.
  2. Self-discipline: if you refuse to discipline yourself, life will discipline you and put you in shape. Most people that fail in life, fails this course.
  3. Optimal Health: if you fail this course, you will leave this world before your time, be careful of what you eat and take in to your body so you won’t cut your life short.
  4. Wealth: you must go to the school of wealth if not poverty will become your companion, the Bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:16, the poor man’s wisdom will be despised meaning that you may be wise but if you lack wealth your wisdom may be despised.
  5. Mind-set: Always reset and adjust your mind, the faster you adjust your mind, the more you accommodate. The Bible says, God gave Solomon a large heart to accommodate all the wisdom and wealth God gave him. The reason why many people do not succeed is not because God did not bless them but because after the blessing, their mindset was not set enough to accommodate it. You need to work on your mind to become larger, if your mind is small, you will lose most of the blessings that God is giving you.
  6. Intuition and perception: You must be able to hear the still small voice especially when God is giving you a direction.
  7. Emotions: You must not allow your emotion to destroy your mission, ability to control your emotion is a sign that you have attended this class, the Bible calls it self-control.
  8. Courage: There are levels you can never get to in this world until you are courageous. Only the courageous conquer new territories, many people are limited in life because they are not courageous. The Bible says, God spoke to Joshua and said “be courageous” because there are things you can never enter unless you are bold. Boldness is the immediate ingredient for you to excel in this world, every major breakthrough people conquer on earth, they conquer by being courageous.
  9. Sexuality: Proverbs 6:26-29, 26 For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread:  and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.   27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?  28 Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?  29 So he that goeth into his neighbor’s wife;  whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.  
  10. Love: Everything is centered on it because the more you love the larger your world and vice versa, this life rotates on love, the more love you have in your heart the more magnitude you command, and the greater your altitude. If your life is small, check your love meter it is very small and vice versa, grow your love.
  11. Service: If you don’t serve others nobody will serve you. Service is powerful, never be in a place where you are not serving, that place is dangerous. Always exclude yourself from those who refuse to serve. The more you serve, the more you are served. Don’t lose what you are sent to this world to serve this generation with. You could be the missing link, rise today because Jubilee has taken place, halleluiah!
  12. Spirituality: Everything boils down to spirituality, no matter how far you go in life, you must connect yourself, if you are not spiritual, you cannot go too far. The world is more spiritual than physical, whatever you see on earth started in the spirit realm before it became physical. Don’t joke with your spiritual life, whoever disconnects you from your spiritual life has finished you.

Food for thought / Prayer:

Which course have I (you) failed?

  1. As the jubilee starts, give me another opportunity oh Lord, I want to do well. From now henceforth, I don’t want it to be like before, I want my life to be changed, peradventure I’m already running a distorted destiny, please realign it to divine destiny oh God, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!
  2. Every course I have failed before, Jubilee has started and I don’t want to fail any more, it’s time for new chapters, new levels, it is time for new things to happen.
  3. I want the best of my life to start shining, remember me oh God and realign my destiny back to order. Help me to reconnect back to any course I have failed and fulfil my destiny.



Lord have mercy on me, remove my name from the register of the devil right now and write my name in the book of life, give me another chance, another opportunity to fulfil my destiny in Jesus name, amen!

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