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The Efficacy of the Word ~ Pastor Kehinde Ademola Agbanigo

The Efficacy of the Word ~ Pastor Kehinde Ademola Agbanigo

Topic: The Efficacy of the Word
Text: Job 6:25
Speaker: Pastor Kehinde Ademola Agbanigo

How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove? – Job 6:25 (KJV)

Breakthrough is set to happen when an applied force is more than the resistant force. This force must be generated by the word of Life. Once you generated this, no force can resist you.

To prevail means to be superior in strength, power or influence.

Efficacy means capacity for producing a desired result.

The word of God has the capacity to produce more than our desired result. By the Word of God, this world was created that Word has what it takes to do anything.

From our text today, the Holy Spirit would be teaching us what Right Words are with respect to our topic, the Efficacy of the Word.


  1. Right words are Revelational Words
  • Revelational Word is the fuel of Courage. – 2 Chron 20:15
  • Revelational Word so strong because they are vessels with content – Isa 55:11
  • Revelational Word contains the Life of God and the strength of the His Spirit – John 6:63
  • The Devil bows for the spirit and life and not mere words.
  • The effectiveness of a word is in its content
  • Revelational Word is impactful it does not fall to the ground.


  1. Right words are Revolutionary words. – Luke 5:5
  • Revolutionary words break norms and status quo.
  • Revolutionary words are faith induced. Spoken in faith and spoken by faith
  • Whatever you don’t have faith for, you don’t have space for.

Peter said “at thy word…”

  • His word can recreate your world.
  • It was the revolutionary word “Ephphaatha” that opened up the deaf.


  1. Right Words are Righteous words – Prov. 10:11

Nothing dies in the hand of a righteous man when he speaks the word of God. Just like the LORD told  Ezekiel to Prophesy and it came to pass. If Ezekiel was not righteous nothing would have come to pass.

  • Once you are righteous, you would declare a thing and it would come to pass
  • God may allow you to lose a battle for you to win a war.
  • The mouth of the righteous is like a well of life – Prov. 10:11
  • At God’s Altar, things are altered.
  • The mouth of the righteous can judge the wicked.
  • Christianity is not a changed life but an exchanged life.

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