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Thanks Giving: an act of Honour ~ Pst. Belemina Obunge

Thanks Giving: an act of Honour ~ Pst. Belemina Obunge

Topic: Thanks Giving: an act of Honour
Text: Psalm 50:23 (NIV)
Minister: Pst. Belemina Obunge

“Psalm 50:23: Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless[a] I will show my salvation.”

The act of thankgiving is an act that honours God. Honour originates from the heart, genuine thanksgiving originates from the heart. And God enjoys it when we honour Him; when we come and say dad, thank you.

God loves honor, he is clothed with honor. Psalm 104:1. God enjoys it when we continue to honour him.

H- Humble in His presence: When people are thanking God, they put pride aside, if you need to kneel, if you need to roll. You are doing that because you are thanking him and honouring him. When you see some people thanking God, they forget who they are and humble themselves. prov. 22:4 “By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life”. So when we are connecting with hounour, it goes side by side with humility. Porv. 15:33. When we are. So anyone that says, I want to honour God; we honour God by humbling ourselves before him.

O- Obedience: Anyone that honours, obeys. When you honour God, it means your are obeying God. 1 Samuel 15:22. God wants us to obey hime. Heb. 13:21. When we come to God to thank Him, we obey him. We obey and we come before God with thanksgiving.

N- Take Notice of God. What does it mean to take notice of God? It means to be interested and recognize his presence. It is very easy for some people to ignore his presence. It is very easy for people in the midst of their challenges, not to give God the attention that he deserves and ignore the fact that he is there. Even when God does great things to people, some forget all about him and ignore him. Some even goes to the wrong places to celebrate it, forgetting that their success was all about God (Psalm 107:22, Psalm 26:7). To honour God is to take notice of the fact, that whatever we are, it is all about God.

O- For one to honour God, you Own what he say. You own God’s word with your whole heart. For example, if somebody honours me, whatever I say, he will own it. His honour is in the fact that he has taken ownership of the word I said. One of the challenge we experience in our place of work is that people don’t own their job; but when they honour their job, it is an act of ownership. To honour God is to take ownership of his words. Psalm 9:1, Psalm 103:1-2

U- We honour God by being upright Psalm 84:11, Prov. 11:6. When you are in right standing with God, you are connecting with God’s honour. When a child is i right standing with the parents, it shows he honours the parents. When a person is in right standing with an organization, he honours the tenets of the organization. When we upright with God, living life of integrity and sincerity, it is because we honour him.

R- Restpect: Respect means to give consideration. Roms. 12:10. Preferring is simply an act of respect. 1 Peter 3:15. Honouring God is seen in the way you respect people. When you honour you show respect. 1 Samuel 2:30

Thanksgiving is an act of honour and I want to encourage us that we should not think twice to honour God.

Prayer points:

  • Oh Lord my father, in anyway I have dishonored you, have mercy on me.

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