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Recognizing the Time of Remembrance

Recognizing the Time of Remembrance

TOPIC: Recognizing the Time of Remembrance
TEXT: Genesis 15:13
SPEAKER: Pst. Daniel Olawande

Genesis 15:13 (KJV)

And  he said unto Abram, know of a surety that the seed shall be a stranger in the land that is not theirs, and shall serve them;  and they shall afflict them four hundred years.


The issues is not that God is not remembering you but you are not current spiritually to recognize the season of remembrance.

Prayer: Lord help me to recognize the seasons of remembrance, in Jesus name, Amen!

It is possible that the time for remembrance came and the man is not aware.

God is not a man that He should lie, if God promise you something, He will do it. If God says something believe it, hold on to His word.

Disappointment is a function of not hearing God, Men that follows God’s time table are never disappointed.

The challenge of this generation is that we don’t hear God, we use our sense.

Sense will take you out of destiny, but spirit will lead you to the path of destiny. Men that miss the time of remembrance are men that miss the Voice.

Exodus 12:40-41.

Sometimes God’s words seems as foolishness to men but that foolishness is what makes God wiser than men. God is a specialist in converting foolishness to wisdom.

What makes men great is that they don’t miss the timing of the great God.

When you come to God’s presence, you should forget your personality, men that bows to God are men that God lifts. He can pick you from the forest and put you on the throne.

He makes the non-entity an entity. Until you go down, God can’t lift you.

The challenge is that God is speaking and we do not hear.

Let God be our advantage! , Until you take this posture, you’ll always miss seasons.

Men that seeks advices from God, that takes only the steps laid out by God are the ones that only moves when God says MOVE!

It’s not as if God is not speaking, you are the one not hearing and you don’t hear because you don’t sit down by the still water (he leads me besides the still water Psalm 23:2), you are always by the troubled water when you don’t make God your advantage.

Men that hear what God is saying now are the ones that succeed but men that hear only what God has said are in trouble, Abraham would have killed Isaac if he was only hearing what God has said and not what He is saying now!


1. Ask Him (He is a father and not a master); Many of us don’t talk to/ Commune with God. We limit Him to just morning devotion.

God is a spirit and they that commune with Him must do it in spirit and in truth.

Your flesh is just an earthly suit, we are all made in God’s image, we are a family, physical blood cannot define the family but spiritual blood(the blood of Jesus) is what defines the family.

What defines us is the content (spirit man) not the container (flesh). You are a god!

We carry God, so our life should give Him glory.

The moment we continuously speak/communicate with God, we create a relationship with Him which gives Him access to relate with us. So He can talk to us, drop an idea in our spirit and the fellowship begins because we are now sensitive to God’s spirit in us. Sometimes God speaks to us by intuition, as an idea etc.

Acts 7, most times we miss the time of visitation because we are not sensitive enough to know and understand the season of remembrance.

Sometimes the people we miss are the door to our destination.

When you miss the time of visitation, you become a victim of devastation.

God brings breakthrough in opportunities and sometimes the opportunities looks like problems. Inside your Goliath is your kingship. To run away from your Goliath is to run away from your throne.

Sometimes the problems you face are the contact to your next level.


Only sons hear their father, if you are not a son you can’t hear God because the way you live your life is not pleasing God, so you’ll always miss seasons.


Lord Jesus I thank you for this opportunity to be a blessing to your people, I pray for them, they will never miss opportunities, they will not miss their seasons, they will always hear the voice of the Lord, they will recognize the time of remembrance, so that when you talk they will understand. In Jesus name, Amen!


1. Lord may I never miss opportunities again, open my eyes oh Lord, help me to understand, help me not to miss my timing, when the time of visitation comes help me to understand.

2. From today I will never run away from opportunities leading to my next level, I recognize it. In Jesus name, Amen!

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