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Guarding your Heart ~ Pst. Soji Oni

Guarding your Heart ~ Pst. Soji Oni

Topic: Guarding your Heart
Text: Prov. 4:23
Speaker: Pst. Soji Oni

The Scripture lets us know that the heart is a more important part of our being. In the old testament the word heart is used more than 800 times and most of the times it is used in context of ones thought life, thought pattern and what motivates and moulds us. Hence in our study today, we would be referring to the heart as our thought life and not as an organ in our body.

If all that happens to us flows from our heart, the keeping of the heart with diligence should be a priority.

Diligence is a careful and persistent work or effort. It is a persevering determination to perform a task.

  • Nothing is done by any man without it coming from his heart.
  • The heart is the control centre of one’s life.
  • The heart controls your thoughts and your thoughts control your actions.
  • No man can become anything that he has not conceived in his heart. – Prov. 23:7

Sow a thought and you would get a deed, sow a deed and you would get a habit, sow a habit and you would get a character, sow a character and you would get a destiny.

In Gen. 6:5-8, it is recorded that God destroyed all the people of the earth except Noah because of their continuous evil thoughts.

How to Guard your heart?

  1. Censor the kind of information you receive and sieve them to know what to retain.

Dispel evil thoughts by recounting God’s promises.

  1. Prov 3:5b. Do not lean on your own understanding. Cling to God’s word.
  2. Constantly meditate on God’s word. Your meditation would influence your thinking. Joshua 1:8.
  3. Be positive in your thinking.
  4. Kill evil thoughts. Don’t allow them have residence in your heart.
  5. Constantly renew your mind in with God’s word. Rom. 12:2
  6. Make God’s word your word. Speak only the language of God’s word. Rom. 10:8-9, Heb. 4:15. The word of God is powerful.
  7. Pray against dominance of evil thoughts in your heart.
  8. The word of God must dwell richly in your heart for you to be able to guard against evil thoughts.

I want to encourage you to make up your mind to stop every evil thought that beclouds your mind.

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