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The Power of Perspective – Sis. Freky Andrew

The Power of Perspective – Sis. Freky Andrew

TOPIC: The Power of Perspective
TEXT: 1 COR. 13:9-12
PRECHER: Sis. Freky Andrew

When we define Perspective, we look at perspective be way of a word, which is “A particular way of considering something – Cambridge Dictionary”. American Dictionary defines Perspective as “A particular way of viewing things”. So Perspective has a lot to do with how you as an individual sees or views a thing.

Perspective is very dependent on a lot of factors, we have environmental factor, cultural factors, traditional factors, we have knowledge, etc. In the society we live in, different things can determine one’s perpective, but as children of God, the major thing that should define our perspective, should be the God factor. When we consider Perspective, we are looking at one’s outlook on a thing. That is why different people have different ideas and thought about the same thing.

The prevailing question on the issue of perspective is; how do you look at things?
We can see things through emotions, we can see things with anger, we can see things jealousy, we can as well see things positively.

Another question is, when things are presented to you, how do you see them?

It helps us to have better responses to situations, trials and obstacles. Biblical examples or right response to life situations.
i. Elisha and Gehazi 2 Kings 6:14-17
ii. David and Goliath. 1 Samuel 17
iii. The 12 spies of Israel (Joshua and Caleb). Numbers 13


  1. You must take control of your thought. 2Cor. 10:5
  2. Constantly renew your mind. Rom. 12:2
  3. Don’t stop learning
  4. Take your eyes off you for a moment and focus those eyes on others. Phil 2:4 (NLT)
  5. Seek out and speak out God’s perspective from his word.
  6. Be thankful. Every provision of God is the past, is more than a testimony.


  • Father, help me to see what you see.
  • Father, for every time I have failed to see as you see; Lord have mercy on me.
  • Father, open my eyes to see what you see about my life.

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