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Go Forward: Part 2

Go Forward: Part 2

Topic: Go Forward: Part 2
Text: Exodus 14:13-15
Minister: Pst. Belemina Obunge

Our Theme for this Month is “Go Forward”. I realize that’s an instruction, and when God gives an instruction, it is in our place to obey that instruction. Putting aside anything that is a stumbling block; the Lord has said it and I will do it.

And as we heard in the first service, faith is in the believing, and not in the receiving. God I believe that you are in charge of everything that concerns me and I am going forward.

In exodus 14 verse 13, the children of Israel were gittering; they had look at the challenge and were afraid. But the Lord said they should “Stand still”. At Times we feel so glittery that we cannot hear God when he is speaking to us.

We get so glittery about our circumstances, we get so glittery that we don’t hear from God.

As the forward in the midst of the situation, just be still and allow God to speak to you. (Psalm 46:10). No matter what the situation is, when you are still, you’d realize that God is exalted above your situation and circumstances.

No matter how large those mountains are, the Bible says, you shall sower on eagle’s wings, you shall go over those mountains in the name of Jesus. 

But it is important that we have an understanding of some of the situations, certain things hinders people from going forward:

1. Some people are discouraged by challenges. When one is discouraged, you look at the challenges and the challenges seems so big that you may for a moment you forget scriptures, the flesh seems to take over; and you are paralyze in that spot because you’ve allowed your challenge becloud you.

There is something the Lord had made me realise: challenges are opportunities for the greatness of God to be made manifest. Without a battle you cannot be called a Victor. You are able to overcome because you have come over something. Challenges is an opportunity to be an overcomer.

The word of says in Proverbs 24:10 “If thou faint in the day of adversary, your strength is small”; it not all about your strength, you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.

2. Some persons don’t go forward because they doubt their capabilities. They doubt their capacity and inferiority complex sets in. They look at someone more better than them that has not made it, and say, if such person has not made it how can I?

Unfortunately people are victims of inferiority complex, and they look down on themselves; they begin to think like Gideon “I am the least of my brethren, whereas the Angle calls him a mighty man of Valor”. They are like Jeremiah when he said “I am just but a child”.

Never look down on yourself, grace differs and God is working in you. Philippians 2:13 “It is God that works in us both to will and to do his good pleasure”. Never say I can’t do it, rather connect with God and ask him to show you the way. Don’t say “I CAN’T”, always say I CAN.

3. Another thing that makes people not to move forward, is because they have been distracted. They gave room for distraction. Samson  was a man with special assignment but he gave room to distraction.

On thing I realize about distraction is: a distracted life leads to a distorted destiny. Everyone in scripture that gave room to distraction, his destiny goes haywire. When one is distracted, they loose focus of the original assignment.

Beloved, the word of God is very clear as far as distraction is concerned  (Jeremiah 29:11). We have to disconnect ourselves from every distraction and align ourselves to the thoughts of God for us.

4. Some people have been disillusioned by circumstances of life. Don’t allow yourself to be disillusioned by circumstances, resolve and say Lord open my eyes so I can be a solution provider so I can go forward.

Finally, for one to go forward, they need to resolve not to dwell in compromise. This was what happened to Lot in Genesis 13:12-13. We realize from the scriptures that there are two dwelling places. We all have a choice as to where we’d dwell, whether in righteousness or in a wrong assembly.

As long as one has decided to work against divine standards, to go forward becomes complicated for such an individual. The Lord says in 2 Cor. 6:11-18 “be ye separate, come out from among them”.

Prayer Points:

i. My father, my father, help me to go forward in life, every stumbling block operating against my going forward, let it be destroyed

ii. My father, my father, every agenda of hell directed against my life that will prevent me from going forward, destroy by your power.

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