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Who are You? ~ Bro. Martins

Who are You? ~ Bro. Martins

Toipc: Who are You?
Minister: Broda Martyns

Wrong definition leads to wrong decisions, it leads to wrong actions and eventually to wrong destination. Wrong Identity leads to personality and then, to wrong destiny. So, don’t allow negative occurences to alter your divine identity. In the bible, we see seven people whose destinies were almost destroyed, because of the wrong names and definitions that were given to them.

Jacob came ahead of his older brother, and he looked at him and called him a sublanter – a fruadster.

Benoni, son of anguish or pain, came as Jacob’s wife gave birth to him and she died. She named the child “son of sorrow”; meanwhile, it was not the child who made her to steal the idol of her father upon which she sat and she had a bad delivery. A good thing, that the father saw it and named the child Benjamin “the son of my right hand”.

Echabod: One of the wives of the son’s of Eli the priest, when she heard that Israel has been defeated in war, and that her husband was dead, her fathe-in-law was dead and the Ark of the Lord has been captured. The Bible says, she went into forced labor and gave birth to a child and called the child Echabod. Was he the one that made the Ark to be taken? And she named him Echabod.

Jabez: When the mother had him, she had him in sorrow and she named him sorrow. Why didn’t she name him prophetically and call him “my comforter”

Brethen, God is very particular about the names and definition of our lives. That’s why in matthew 15:16-18. Jesus said, “who do men say that I am?” When Peter said who he was, he accepted his definition, because it was by revelation. In other words, Peter defined Jesus by Divine revelation.

Brethren, any definition that is not originated by divine revelation, you have the right to reject it. A lot of times, our breaking forth is hindered because we have carried a wrong definition. Definitions invokes the things around you. How do you call a child sorrow and expect him to be happy, how do you call a child poorverty and expect him to prosper in his generation? You have the right to reject anything that God has not bestowed upon you.

We come into many definition, etither by parental ignorance and sometimes by circumstances. Just like the woman with the issue of blood; her circumstance gave her a name. Others are Blind Barthemeuos, the woman caught in Adultery, the prodigal son, etc.

One’s Mentors and teachers can also be responsible for one’s wrong definition. Example is Thomas Edision, whose teacher had given up on him. And told him nothing good can come out of him.

How do we come out of a wrong identity?

  1. Believe that you carry value. 2 Cor. 4:7-9. You may not look like it now, but you are it.
  2. Jabez cried unto God and God heard him. You can reachout to God to change your situation. Jacob also came to the point in time when he said enough is a enough. And his story changed. His destiny cry made him prevailed.

Prayer Point:
Lord Jesus, redefine my life and destiny.

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