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The Yoke Breaker ~ Bro Philemon Okeke

The Yoke Breaker ~ Bro Philemon Okeke

Topic: The Yoke Breaker
Text: Isaiah 10:27
Speaker: Bro Philemon Okeke

PROPHECY: Isaiah 43:18-19 – God would answer one of your prayer points that would make you forget all your prayer points since January.

  • A yoke is a wooden bar used to join two animals.
  • As long as a yoke is connected to any animal, that animal continually moves at the dictate of the yoke.
  • Yokes are fixed to the neck of the animal; just where you would place a knife in a bid to slaughter the animal. A yoke therefore is a threat to life.
  • Once an animal is yoked it won’t be able to go or do what it desires anymore.
  • Animals are not yoked for fun; they are yoked for labour.
  • Yokes put someone under satanic control.
  • Because of yokes, many careers, ministries and destinies are held back.

PROPHECY: Anything you are connected to that makes you misbehave expires by fire.

There is nothing like a universal yoke, yokes are customized for each pair of animals. If an animal outgrows a yoke because that animal must continue to be in its master’s labour another befitting size of yoke is made for it.

PROPHECY: Whatever makes your life go in circle is destroyed today.

What destroys the yoke?

The Anointing Destroys the yoke. – Christ is the Anointing.

PROPHECY: No more miscarriage for you henceforth.

PROPHECY: Everything connecting you to bitterness, fear and your past failures be destroyed because of the anointing.

Ezekiel 16:1-9

From the above text, Jerusalem was described as a nativity of Canaan, Canaan means a merchant, on who can subdue. But Jerusalem had Amorite as father and Hittite as mother. Amorite means bitterness and rebellion while Hittite means broken and fearful. These were Jerusalem’s root. Furthermore, after the birth of Jerusalem, his navel (umbilical cord) was not cutoff. Hence, he was still connected to his roots of bitterness, rebellion, brokenness and fear. His uncut umbilical cord is likened to a yoke.

It’s worth noting that the umbilical cord is only for feeding a baby in the womb and the breast for feeding a baby born out of the womb.

Being connected to the umbilical cord after been born is a clear sign of stagnation; a prevention from moving to your next level.

Until you are disconnected from the umbilical cord (your initial source) breast milk (your next source) would not flow.

In Vs 5 of Ezekiel 16, the Bible said no eye pitied Jerusalem.

  • No help would come to you as long as you are yoked; you already have a master.
  • No one would want to marry anyone yoked to a spiritual husband.
  • No one would give a job to someone yoked to a satanic covenant.
  • The only first help a yoked man need is the breaking of his yoke.

In vs 9 of Ezekiel 16, Jerusalem was then anointed with oil.

He was not just washed in water but also anointed. It is this anointing that breaks the yoke.

Concluding Prayers: Father let every yoke over my life be destroyed.

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