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When God leads the way ~ Pst. Steve Folorunso

20 Mar

When God leads the way ~ Pst. Steve Folorunso

Topic: When God leads the way
Text: Psalms 114: 1-8
Speaker: Pst. Steve Folorunso

David the Sweetest Psalmist of all ages in this text was practically describing the exodus of Israel from Egypt. This account happens to be one of the greatest; using inanimate objects to pictorially give an  expression of the dominion of God’s Presence as He lead Israel.

We would start by describing God’s Dominion then how to carry His Dominion.

What is Dominion:

  • It is the working and enforcing power of God.
  • Nothing less than Dominion can cause a mountain to skip and a sea to flee.

In Psalms 114:2 the Bible says
Judah was His Sanctuary and ISREAL HIS DOMINION.

  • Because Israel was His Dominion, Obstacles could not stand before them; they give way as Israel approached.
  • When Dominion is in place, everything changes location because dominion has the final say.
  • In dominion, there is authority.

Now, taking a closer look at Psalms 114:2
JUDAH WAS HIS SANCTUARY and Isreal His Dominion.

  1. We can see that Sanctuary precedes dominion
  2. Until His Sanctuary is established, Dominion is not given.

This was why Isreal never went to war without the Ark of God before them.

Again, in Psalms 114:2
When the Bible says “Judah was His Sanctuary” He simply meant Praise is His Sanctuary.
let’s Break it down:

  • We know that Judah means Praise.
  • Sanctuary means the Presence of God
  • Therefore, In Praise is His Presence. He inhabits the Praises of His people.

As we offer Praises, letting Him sit in His Sanctuary, Dominion shall go before you. So shall you be unstoppable.

God inhabits the praise of His people. As we go in His praise, He goes with us. Who or what can stand against God?

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