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Shine Your Eyes. ~ Pastor Adesoji Oni

04 Apr

Shine Your Eyes. ~ Pastor Adesoji Oni

Ministering: Pastor Adesoji Oni

Topic: Shine Your Eyes.

Text: Mark 16:1-5

Youtube URL: https://youtu.be/qNJfF5NDZes

Key Notes:

  • Must of the time we do not go beyond what we are able to see
  • If you can’t see then you can’t make progress
  • Jesus unveiled all that was going to happen to him before and after His death, but his disciples could not think along and see beyond their view.
  • The disciples focused more on the problem and forgot to look ahead for solution.
  • Jesus died went to hell, recovered the keys of hell and death for man.
  • When the power of God comes upon you, it releases freshness, newness and life.
  • When you look and see at what God has told you, His word begins to manifest in your life. As you do that the hand of God will bring to pass all that He has promised.
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