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The Power of Questions ~ Pst. Segun Esho

The Power of Questions ~ Pst. Segun Esho

Topic: The Power of Questions
Speaker: Pst. Segun Esho
Key Text: 1 Sam 30: 6-8

As we grow older we tend to ask less questions compared to how children ask questions.
Asking the right questions in life gives you the right answers
Stop asking “Can I?”, start asking “How Can I?” Pastor Esho

Why are Questions Important?
See the story for David and Goliath
Text: 1Sam 17:26
David asked questions while everyone was focusing on the problem and on goliaths threat, Davids question focused on the rewards based on good results.
When you ask the right questions it helps you focus your efforts.

It is the ability to ask questions and answer questions that takes you to the next level.

Why People do no ask questions?
1)They do not know the importance of asking questions
2)They are afraid
3)Pride (nobody knows it all)
James 4:6, 1 Pet 5:6

Asking questions does not take anything from you, rather is adds to you

Benefits of asking the right Questions
1) It brings Clarity, helps you clarify.your thoughts and helps you to focus
Matt 16:13-15
2)Gives you a sense of direction
3)Questions increase your faith and confidence
4) Questions increase and improve your knowledge, wisdom and understanding
Hosea 4:6
5)Questions enhance your creativity and innovation
Num 14:28
6) Questions helps us to solidify Relationships
7)Questions help promote decision making
luke 15:17 (prodigal son)

Your Role
Psalm 62:11
2)Be BOLD to ask Questions, Don’t be afraid
Prov 28:1
3)Go ahead and practice asking questions, make it a habit

The Ultimate Question
What Shall I do to inherit eternal life?
Luke 18:18

8 Most Important Questions in Life (ask on a daily basis
Text: Psalm 8:1-6, Gen 1:26-28
1)Who am I?
This is the question of identity
1 Peter 2:9
2)Where am I from?
This is a question of your source
John 15:5, Job 33:4
3)Why am I here?
This is the question of purpose and assignment
Jer 1:5,
4)Where am I going?
The question of vision and imagination
Prov 29:8, Gen 11:4-5, Habakkuk 2:2-3, Num 13:10-33
5) How do I get there?
The Question of Goals and Plans
Prov 19:21
6)What do I have?
The question of Gifting and Talent
2King 4:2, Matt 15:20
7)What do I want to leave behind?
The question of legacy
Prov 22:1
8)Where is my final design?
The Question of Eternity
Job 14:14, Heb 9:27

Ask yourself these questions everyday….seek the answers

The Ultimate Question
What Shall I do to inherit eternal life?

Father! Every sincere question that needs answer in my life, give me the answers and help me take action….AMEN

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