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The Lord shall fight for you ~ Pst. Davies Otonye

The Lord shall fight for you ~ Pst. Davies Otonye

Topic: The Lord shall fight for you
Text: Deuteronomy 20:1-4
Minister: Pst. Davies Otonye

The scripture makes it clear; it is only God that gives us the help that we need, and the strength that is required for us to upturn the plans of our adversaries. Of our own, we are nothing; there’s nothing we can do of our own, let no man boast in himself: don’t say you pray too much, don’t say you fast enough, don’t say you know how to ask; it is of the mercies of God.

Without God, there is no way that you and I can challenge the ancient forces that are challenging our destinies; it’s only when God fights for us that we can have victory, and this morning the message o us is that “The Lord shall fight for you”.

Proverbs 21:31 “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD”. There is no security and intelligent system that cannot be breached, it is only when God is in-charge that we can achieve victory. You can have all your strategy but if God does not fight you, you would not win. The bible says that “In vain do we labour”; and even men will stand at night and say that they are watching. How can you watch over what you cannot control? You need a God that sees and knows all things to give you information on what is going to happen.

The Bible is filled with examples of those who God decided to help, and my prayer for you is that God will decide to help you. In 1Kings 18:20-40, Elijah a single man who God decided to fight for, had victory over 450 prophets of Baal. My question to you is “how many are your adversaries?” How many are your problems? If God can do 450, why can’t He do 2 of your problems? And let’s put this in perspective; these were not 450 simple hearted men, they were necromancers trained in the ways and worship of Baal. Before they bring them out as prophets of Baal, it means they have gone through trainings; they were fortified and they were schooled in the acts of doing evil. On the day that God decided to fight for a single man “Elijah”, all of the things they have learnt became irrelevant, because the word of God says it is at the name of Jesus every kneel will bow.

It doesn’t matter how schooled your enemies are, it doesn’t matter how skilled they are in their schemes, as you stand upon the word of God and God fights for you, victory will be yours in Jesus name. In 1 Samuel 17:1-25 David had to confront Goliath, he had to confront a trouble inform of Goliath, and let the fact be known, Goliath was a man that was schooled in the act of war and battle; David had no knowledge of Battle but when God decided to fight for David, and David said that you come against the armies of Israel with spear, but I come in the name of the Lord.

David who was inexperienced in the art of war defeated Goliath who was experienced in the art of war. It doesn’t matter how difficult your enemies are, it doesn’t matter how skilled they are in their scheme, God will fight for you. Going forward, every battle you are facing, the Lord will fight for you in Jesus name.

Other examples are Samson, Daniel, Shedrack, Mechack and Abednego. Every one of these person showed an example of how God can help a man. They declared and acknowledged God, and the Lord fought for them. Lions could not eat them, Fiery furnace could not burn them, the Almighty God turned things around for them, the things that are supposed to be trouble to them became comfort to them. Everything that has been a trouble to you, the Lord turn them to your comfort in the name of Jesus.

2 Chronicles 20:1-32 talks about king Jehoshaphat and how he was being conspired against, he was confronted with enemies, they gathered together, initially he was afraid and he went to a place. The good news is that Jehoshaphat left his fear bus-stop and turned to God.

We would look at three thing Jehoshaphat did that turned his situation around:

i.              He acknowledge God: In every challenge in your life acknowledge God. Let God know that you know He is supreme over every situation.

ii.             He admitted his limitations, that he is unable to help himself, and because he is unable to help himself, he admitted his limitation.

iii.            He asked the Lord to help him with an attitude of total dependence. Sometime we depend on God partially, and have alternatives. Psalm 121:1-2

iv.           Because he turned his eyes away from his problem and focused on God, he was delivered from his adversaries.

v.            He had a relationship with God. He who does not know the Lord cannot call upon the Lord

What Happens to a man when God is fighting for him:

i.              His enemies begins to make expensive mistake

ii.             He receives help even if he has not work for it

iii.            Things dramatically fall in place for him

iv.           No matter the antiques of the adversary, such individual enjoys peace

In spite of the fact that God wants to help us, the Devil attacks our faith because he knows that once he brings doubt in our mind so we won’t enter the purpose of God for our life. We have to be bold about our faith.

Prayer Point:

Lord Help me, turn my situation around in Jesus name

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