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The Infallible God – Pst. Steve Folorunso

The Infallible God – Pst. Steve Folorunso

TOPIC: The Infallible God
TEXT: Isaiah 46:9-11

This sermon is a testimony and we will be testifying from our text in Isaiah 46.

To be infallible means to be incapable of failures, mistakes and errors. This means that God as an infallible being cannot fail and is incapable of making errors.

From our scripture, the first thing we observe is that God introduced himself. Whenever God introduces or declares Himself, it means something magnificent is about to happen and so we ought to position our heart for something great. God has many names and He is all of His names to us. God is everything we need and will ever need. In weakness, He is our strength, in sickness, He is our healer, in lack, He is our provider.

Another thing we also observed is that Jesus is the resurrection: Jesus said that at resurrection, the dead comes to life and that resurrection is not an event but Him. In the case of Lazarus, Jesus the resurrection spoke to death and life came out of it.  That resurrection can speak to dead issues in our life and make it come alive

We also observed that He declares the end from the beginning: God is who declares the end from the beginning. God showed it in the case of Joseph in Genesis 42. Whatever men try to do to frustrate your destiny, they will only be fulfilling divine purpose. God kept opening doors for Joseph with every disappointment Joseph encountered until He brought Joseph to his destination.

2nd Kings 25:27-30

God can use any medium to favour you and bring you to the place of his promise.

In vs 11 of our text, we observed that if we have God in our life then our life is not a mistake. Our misfortunes and challenges do not define our life. God’s purpose is what defines our life and though it tarries, it will surely come to pass. Halleluyah!

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