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The Essence of Christ’s Death ~ Favour Paul Osagie

The Essence of Christ’s Death ~ Favour Paul Osagie

Topic:    The Essence of Christ’s Death
Text:      John 19:25-30
Minister: Favour Paul Osagie

We would be looking at five reasons why Christ had to die. Although they are more than 5 reasons, we would only look at five reasons in this study.

There is a profound statement we need to take note of, as humans: everything gotten in our lives minus Jesus still amounts to zero.

The above statement is for the unbelievers.

This is the one for the believer: If everything you have to show that Christ died for you are the things you have in this world, then Christ died for you in vain.

Amongst all the miracles, that Jesus did when he was living, was the miracle of the transformation of character. A weak man, who was ashamed, encountered the Holy Spirit and he became bold; it was not a matter of raising the man who was lame but being able to stand before the Pharisee and declaring not to stop preaching about Jesus even unto death. That was a transformation of character.

Five Reasons Why Jesus Died

1.            He died to take away our sin. 1 John 3:8. So one of the reasons why Jesus died is to remove our sins. Whenever you ere as a believer, knowing that the wages of sin is death; but because of the blood Jesus shed on the cross, our sin is not counted against us and judgement is averted from us.

2.            He died to purchase the Church, which is his bride, with his blood. Acts 20:28. Jesus did not die for a particular church denomination or sect, he died for the body “his church”. When Paul was addressing matters of the church in 1 Cor. 12, he calls it body. The price Christ paid with his blood was for the purchase of the church.

3.            He died to spoil the works of the devil (Colossians 2:13-15). When you are been told that in your father’s house, something happened years ago and so on; in taking such matter to God in prayer you must realize that you are praying in victory because Jesus spoilt all of those things in the cross. This is one of the advantages we have, by reason of the death of Jesus.

4.            He died so you can have peace John 14:27; 16:23. So if you were hoping that the money you have in your account will give you peace, you are wrong. The proof of your Christianity is that which the unbeliever cannot see that makes you so unique. So they think that in having much, one would have peace, but seeing you have little and still have peace, they become amazed and turn to Christ.

5.            He died because he loved and he still loves us. It was love that brought sin, it was love that saved us. It’s love that made Adam forget about God’s instruction and; so when you see a husband behaving foolish for his wife, don’t blame him, it’s love. The same love went to the cross of Calvary. The symbolism that the bible used to describe love is a man and his wife – Ephesians 5 “As Christ loved the church”.

When we come and beg people saying give your life to Christ, it is because they have no idea of what Jesus did on the cross. If you have an idea of the price he paid, even when you want to marry, you will still be faithful. If you know the price Jesus paid for you, whether or not you have money, you would rather trek to church than stay in the house. If you know the price he paid for you, when they say, give in the church you will not hesitate to give.

When Jesus came to die for man, he died knowing that man will not accept him easily, he died knowing that man will be lost in addiction, he died knowing that some will be lost in adultery for years before accept him, he died know all of these things and yet he still chose to die.

The way it pains you when you are accused falsely, it should pain you 10 times more, whenever you think of committing sin because of what Jesus went through for you; he was accused falsely. He would have chosen to give up, but he went through it all for our sakes.

The judgement for sin is death according to Romans 6:23, but Jesus want to save of from sin. Jesus said no greater love than this that a man would lay down his life for his friend. The true meaning of love is sacrifice.

I know we celebrate Christ is alive, but if you truly understand what took him to the grave, you will be more serious with your Christian Life. 

Prayer Points:

  • Oh Lord please help me
  • Thank You Lord for the cross and the price you paid for me

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