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The Equation for Double Portion ~ Pst. Otonye Davies

The Equation for Double Portion ~ Pst. Otonye Davies

Text: Isaiah 67:7 (AMP)
Speaker: Pst. Otonye Davies

Date: 11th December 2022

Isaiah 67:7(AMP)

Instead of your [former] shame you will have a [a]double portion;
And instead of humiliation your people will shout for joy over their portion.
Therefore in their land they will possess double [what they had forfeited];
Everlasting joy will be theirs.


By the agenda of the almighty God for us as declared to us through the general oversea, we are in our season of doubles portion, it is gratifying to know that we can have a double portion that will compensate for what we have lost.

Numbers 23:19 (AMP)

How we can structure our performance towards the declared word DOUBLE PORTION

  1. Acceptance: How we accept or receive the word of God, is the primary variable that affects how the word of God is going to perform in our lives.
  2. Incubation: it means how we can prepare our hearts, our declarations, our confessions and everything that we do to align with things that God has spoken in the declared word.

Both of them have to do with us as believers, Isaiah 1:19.

The equation for DOUBLE PORTION is;

A + R + H + M – I – D – R = DP


A represents appreciation: appreciation has a sub-equation made of T1, T and P

  • T1 is thanking God
  • T2 is testifying of His blessings upon our lives
  • P is praising God (boasting of His ability, it is an attitude of not focusing on what you don’t have, but focusing on what God can do and what His word can accomplish)

R represents righteousness: it speaks of Holy living, Psalms 45:7

H represents hard work: it is derived from components which include P, F, C, D and O

  • P means prayer
  • F means fasting
  • C means commitment
  • D means diligence in planning and implementation
  • O means obedience, Proverbs 12:24, 13:4, 14:23

Hardworking means working hard at the right things and not at the wrong things.

M represents mercy: mercy speaks of forgiveness and withholding punishment, it is a negator of evil repercussions and consequences, it is a blocker of pains and misery incumbent on a person for their misdeeds, and mercy is an enabler. It is God that gives mercy, Hebrews 4:16(AMP)

The variables on the minus side have to be eliminated because their impacts are negative on our ability to achieve our double Portion

I represents iniquity, it speaks of violation of our religious or spiritual responsibilities and rights, and it talks about immoral living, Isaiah 59:1-12.

D represents dishonour, it means to bring shame and disgrace upon the name of the Lord, and it also means a refusal or failure to respect the name of our God.

Ways of dishonouring God:

  1. Behaving in ways that damage the name of God being an ambassador of Christ, 1 Peter 2:9(AMP), Malachi 1:6-7 (AMP).
  2. When we bring tithes and offerings from a polluted source like (Fraud, Lying, Stealing etc…).
  3. When we act in ways that are against the word of God.
  4. When we see the presence of God as worthless and irrelevant.
  5. When you grumble rather than rejoice when you do your duties towards Him, you dishonour Him, Philippians 2:14.

R represents reproach, and it is made up of 2 components R1 and R2.

  • R1 means being a reproach to God by the way we respond to His word, making unsavory comments.
  • R2 says inviting reproach or abuse to God from others as a result of our actions, Hebrews 11:6(amp), 4:2, 2 Peter 2:2, Romans 2:23-25(AMP).

Our destination means DOUBLE PORTION (DP), this is where we are going, it is our expected reality and by the mercies of God, it is our prayer that He will give us the grace to do what He needs us to do, to eliminate the variables we need to eliminate (I, D, R) and add those we need to add (A, R, H, M)


  1. Father, I heard your word, I want to attain my double portion, whatever it is that will stand against me, as we begin to pray, in your mercy intervene.
  2. My Father, in any way I have lost before now, compensate me with a double in the name of Jesus.
  3. My father, replenish me with overflowing in the name of Jesus.
  4. Lord, grant me a double portion in all you have given me (land, business, career, profession)
  5. My father, enable me to not just carry myself but to carry others.
  6. Father, make me a solution unto others.
  7. Oh Lord, in the equation for the double portion, help me remedy every variable where I’m lacking.
  8. My father, in any way I have dishonoured you and been a reproach to your name, have mercy upon me.
  9. My father, remove every barrier that will make me not to experience double portion


Double Portion has a foundation and it is based on the relationship we have with the Lord. Once the double portion is declared, it is good that it is achieved but there is a problem if it can’t be sustained. The only way you can sustain the blessings you receive is if you have a relationship with God.

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