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Thanksgiving – Pst. Mrs. Modupe Oni

Thanksgiving – Pst. Mrs. Modupe Oni

Today is set aside for us to thank God. He has made us see the first month of this year and will make us see all the months of the year. We have had Testimonies and now we have come to thank Him for His doings.

First of all,

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a word or action used to sow that you are grateful to somebody for something he or she has done for you. It is to show God you are grateful in word and action.

  • In words we mean offering Him the fruit of our lips; muttering words like; “Father I thank you, I just give you glory, I bless your name”. And then in action, you dance, lie down, kneel down to praise and appreciate God.

Today we have come to thank God for what He has done for us. This was exactly what the Children of Israel did after they were delivered from the bondage in Egypt. At the end of the deliverance Moses sang a song as recorded in Exodus 15:1. And even sang another one in verse 11 of Exodus 15.

…Who is like unto Thee? Oh Lord, Who is like unto Thee….

When should we give thanks?

We ought to give thanks always in every circumstance. –  1 Thess 5: 16-18

It may not be convenient to give thanks but God admonishes us to give Him thanks no matter the situation. Just like Paul and Silas in Acts 16: 25-26, it was not convenient for them to give thanks when thrown in the prison but they sang, praised, and prayed and their chains were broken.

Why should we thank God?

  1. Giving thanks to God is His will for us. God cannot praise Himself so He created us for His praise.
  2. We cannot pay God for what He has done, doing and would do for us. There is nothing that we would ever give to measure up with His blessings.
  3. Because He has pulled us out of danger many times.
  4. We should thank God for where He has brought us from, where we are now and where He is taking us.
  5. He repairs your shattered dreams and made you dream again. He makes your hope come alive.

How do we learn to show gratitude to God:

  1. By starting with men that have been of help to us; those that sponsor us directly or indirectly
  2. Thanking Caregivers; Doctors, Nurses, House maids that help us when we needed care, though we’ve paid for their services. “Not Thanking Caregivers though you’ve paid for their services is a sign of ingratitude in your heart”.
  3. Thanking your Spouse.

Benefits of Thanksgiving:

  • Thanksgiving opens up new avenues for us
  • When you thank a man he would do more how much more God.

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