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Singing by grace ~ Bro. Stanley Otugeme

Singing by grace ~ Bro. Stanley Otugeme

Topic: Singing by grace
Text: Ephesians 2:10
Preacher: Bro. Stanley Otugeme

In Christ God had chosen sinners to be saints, to reveal His glory and praise. The reason why God has created you is so that we can give him praise.

In this session, we’d be considering certain things about praises today; what praise to God is, what do we praise about God, why we praise and how to praise.

What is praise?

  • Praise is a sincere, heartfelt, extoling of God’s person and His works
  • To praise means to magnify, commend, to express gratitude

What do we praise about God?

  • We praise his name. Psalms 34:3
  • We praise his works. Psalms 145:4, Psalms 72:18
  • We praise his word.
  • We praise his power. Psalms 21:13

“When we praise God’s power, we are saying there is nothing that is impossible for him.”

Why should we praise the Lord?

  • He commands it. Psalms 150:1
  • God lives inside praise. Psalms 22:3
  • Praise is powerful. Psalms 15:5-6
  • He is worthy of it. Rev. 4:11

Where should we praise?

  • We should praise the LORD around the globe. Psalms 113:3
  • In the congregation. Psalms 68:24 (NIV)
    “There is an enery we release when we praise God corporately”
  • In your private place

How should we praise God?

  • We should praise God by Lifting our hands
  • We praise God by clapping our hands
  • We praise God by shouting
  • We praise God by standing
  • We praise God by kneeling down. Psalms 95:6
  • We praise God by dancing
  • We praise God with the language of the spirit. Acts 2:11

“There is a difference between WORSHIP and SINGING, there is a difference between MINISTRATION and PERFORMANCE”

Things to note about Grace

  • With Grace, Christ has revealed the fullness of God to us.
  • With Grace Christ reconciles us to God
  • In Grace Christ gives us a divine birth (Regeneration)
  • By Grace God sanctifies us in Christ. Jude 1:1

How the Choir should minister to the people

  • You must lead from your identity in Christ. 1 Peter 2:9
  • You must lead through the Gospel: You must worship what you know. John 4:24
  • You must lead with attention and affection

Grace is the good work that God has made available to us through love. The least we can do is to reciprocate this love.

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