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Shine Your Eyes. ~ Pastor Adesoji Oni

Ministering: Pastor Adesoji Oni Topic: Shine Your Eyes. Text: Mark 16:1-5 Youtube URL: https://youtu.be/qNJfF5NDZes Key Notes: Must of the time we do not go beyond what we are able to see If you can’t see then you can’t make progress Jesus unveiled all that was going to happen to him before and after His death,
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Crossing the Line ~ Pastor Stephen Olusegun

Ministering: Pastor Stephen Olusegun Topic: Crossing the Line Text: 1kings 2:36-46 In Life, various spiritual lines has been crossed which portrays limit to ones achievements. It could be in one’s finances, career or health, and until these lines are broken, individuals, families and even a whole generation
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When God leads the way ~ Pst. Steve Folorunso

Topic: When God leads the way Text: Psalms 114: 1-8 Speaker: Pst. Steve Folorunso Introduction: David the Sweetest Psalmist of all ages in this text was practically describing the exodus of Israel from Egypt. This account happens to be one of the greatest; using inanimate objects to pictorially give an  expression
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