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Restoration of Joy ~ Bro. Philemon Okeke

Restoration of Joy ~ Bro. Philemon Okeke

Topic: Restoration of Joy
Text: Psalms 30:5b
Date: 25TH April, 2021
Speaker: Bro. Philemon Okeke

Psalms 30:5b (KJV)

Weeping may endure for a night but Joy cometh in the morning.


Prayer: Lord Jesus help me to pray today, help me to pray aright, father whatever I have lost, give me the grace to pursue and the grace to overtake.

Prophetic Declaration: Everything that makes you happy that the devil has taking away from you, it will run back to you in Jesus name, Amen!

Weeping may endure for a night and joy comes in the morning, mandatory words are “shall or must” and for the scripture to use the word “may” it also suggests that you can live a life without weeping.

So, the Bible put a lifespan for weeping which may only last for a night and then joy comes in the morning (not a morning), the morning there has no lifespan which means that every morning you are permitted to have something that will make you joyful.

 Weeping has a limitation and a duration but joy does not have.

Prayer: Everything that has made me to weep for more than a night, I command it to expire by fire.

Genesis 8:22, God entered a covenant that saying that “while earth remaineth… day and night shall not cease”. So why is your night longer than one day when God said that you must have day and day come with joy.

Prophetic Declaration: Everything that has kept you in weeping for more than a day, today they are roasted by fire.

It is unscriptural for weeping to last until the morning. Psalm 30:5. The advantage of the morning is JOY.


  1. Peace.
  2. The mountains and the hills will break forth before you in singing. What is supposed to hinder you begins to sing your praise.
  3. Joel 1:12, Fruitfulness, Joy is connected to fruitfulness.

Prayer: Father restore my joy now (mention the areas you want joy).

  • Psalm 90:14, Genesis 32:24-28, Jacob fought all through the night and the fight stopped at the breaking of the day. You are not allowed to fight in the morning.

Prayer: Father, every altar, every man extending my night season, expire by fire. Let my story change.

  • Joy in the Holy ghost allows you to enter the kingdom.

God did not create day to feature night in its season, rather divided the day from the night. Genesis 1:4.

Prophetic Declaration: Every power that has kept you in the night season, every force that has brought night to your day season, I separate you from the night season, I command it to expire.

Acts 13:8-12, Job 35:10, Exodus 14, Joshua 10:12-14.

Prayer: Lord every power that want to stop your will in my life, I command them to be smitten with darkness.


  1. Command your morning, Job 38:12
  2. Report darkness to God, 1 kings 3:16-28
  3. Do everything you can do to wrestle with the night, Genesis 32:24
  4. Separate from sin, Genesis 1:4
  5. Make a demand on your daily allocation of mercy, Lamentation 3:23
  6. Command your day to be extended, Joshua 10:12-14
  7. Run to the sun, the bright and morning star, Revelation 22:16, Genesis 1


The reason why people have been suffering from prolonged night is because they have not come to the sun, the bright and morning star which is Jesus.


Father, I command my morning to start now in the name of Jesus.


Lord Jesus have mercy on me (begin to mention all those sins that have kept you in darkness), Lord I have come to the bright and morning star, I have come to meet you, come into my life, I confess you as my Lord and personal savior, remove my name from the book of death and write my name in the book of life, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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