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Preparation a prerequisite for greatness ~ Sis. Edema Francis

Preparation a prerequisite for greatness ~ Sis. Edema Francis

Topic:        Preparation a prerequisite for greatness
Text:          2 Chronicles 27:6
Minister:  Sis. Edema Francis

There is barely anybody you will see today that wants to be a failure; when the question is asked “who wants to succeed?” everybody will raise their hands almost reaching the sky, but there is a price for greatness and that price is preparation.

The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your delivery on the day of manifestation.You cannot say God has called you into his marvellous light and then you go back to sleep, God will show you areas where you need to work it out; how you need to build yourself the way He wants you to.

When God has said he has a great plan for you; as a matter of fact, as long as you are a child of God he has great plans for you. Being a child of God gives you access to greatness but then you have to work it out, you have to show that you are ready, you have to prove yourself that you want the plans God has for you.

Today, we live in a world where a lot of youth say “what’s gonna be is gonna be”; but the truth of the matter is What’s gonna be doesn’t always be. You see some persons having big dreams but it doesn’t come through. The issue is preparation, and our preparation has to be in Christ. A lot of times we rush to admire great people but we fail to look at the amount of work, dedication, and sacrifices that has been put into that person to become who they have become.

I strongly believe that God is attracted to diligence; when you are consistent, when you make sacrifices for the right reasons, God will be automatically attracted to you, and it really has nothing to do with your religion, when you are diligent God will keep blessing you. That why some believers will always admire the prosperity and success of unbelievers, you don’t know the work they do; some of them stay up at night on their laptops working, but some so-called believers cannot even do small work, when we work little we get tired and relax. God is not a God of mediocrity, we serve a God of excellence and as his representatives, we can only show excellent works.

In the course of this topic, we would be looking at the life of David: David was anointed as king of Israel at age 13 but he did not wake up the next morning and become king of Israel. He went back and he was working and the Lord was preparing silently in the bushes, he was killing the lion and the bear, protecting the sheep that his father had put in his hands. God was preparing him – he did not become king until he became 30 years old. For some of us, there are dreams and visions that the Lord had put in our heart and sometimes you will just look at it and become discouraged. When God shows you things, He is showing you what you ought to manifest; so you don’t wait for the time to come, you prepare yourself. Whatever you need to do to be prepared, the right resources mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically for you to establish God’s desire here on earth.

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why you need to prepare…

Reasons why we need to prepare for Greatness

1.            To gain mastery: scripture talks about David, the scriptures say he was a skilful player of the harp. Who would have even thought that David will need that talent in the palace to help Saul? That trade that you are trying to learn, that thing that God is showing you, you don’t know where you will need it. He is telling you to learn sewing, and you are feeling reluctant about it; you don’t know what will take you to the land of paradise. As a child of God, you should never be tired of acquiring knowledge, you should never be tired of inspiring yourself to do more. There is always more to handle, a song writer says “There’s got to be more than this. Desperate people do desperate things” if you are desperate and you want greater height, you can never settle for less.

2.            You are not the only one with the same vision: If you’ve ever been alone in your room and ideas just keep dropping in your heart, you keep having great thoughts like business ideas, action points, and so on. And then you remember that you don’t have money, then you drop the idea… 2 to 3 year later you see someone doing the exact thing that dropped in you mind as an Idea. That is to tell you that you are not the only one running this race. So if you think that you have a peculiar assignment that God has given to you, I want to inform you today that there are other persons that God has given the same vision. The world is survival of the fittest and only those that are prepared wins.


1.            Challenges keep coming: I like to admit that as children of God we don’t have challenges, what we have is trials. As trials keep coming, you either pass or fail, but because we have Jesus we will never fail. Before David could have the boldness to face Goliath, God had to put him in the field to kill the lion and the bear. I’d like to further think that taking care of the sheep was part of God’s plan to tend David’s heart so that he will know how to also take care of God’s people Israel.

                When challenges keeps coming, it could either be that the enemy is trying to stop you from God plan or God himself is purifying you to make you become what He wants you to be. When we come to partner with God, it’s no longer going to be what we want but what God wants.

2.            You are pushed out of your comfort zone: If you find yourself in a place where you are comfortable, that’s not a good place to be. The sign that God is preparing you for a greater height is that you will uncomfortable, you will always want more. Our God is deep, he is great, and he is mighty; so if you want to replicate and represent him here on earth, you must do perfection – if it is not perfect, it is not God.

3.            He removes harmful things and people from your life: One of the signs that God is preparing you is that he removes harmful things and people from your life. Sometimes you realize that when God is pushing you to the limit, when he is transforming you, something starts been irritating; the company you used to keep no longer excites you. It’s not every activity we do that is a sin, but when God is calling you to greater height, there are some things that would have to give space to more of God’s presence. [Heb. 12:1]

4.            He disciplines you: It is not going to be so easy when God is giving us disciplinary actions, we might even get tired of the process. When God want to use you, you have to be fine gold, you have to be purified, you have to be tested and tried before he will send you out as His showpiece to the world. God cannot send a half-baked product, so they don’t bring disgrace to his name. God want true sons and daughters to infiltrate the earth and that can only happen when we prepare ourselves.

Finally, when God has a plan for your life, he is calling you unto eternal greatness; it’s not just to have greater heights here on earth, but he is calling you for eternal greatness to spend eternity with him.

Prayer Points:

Oh Lord, I receive every resources I need to fulfil destiny in Jesus name
Father, I will not be replaced in destiny in Jesus name

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