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Online Membership Registration

Why Register as an Online Member

If you are a Jesus House member and work has taken you out of town or you have been just an online worshiper with us, here is an opportunity to join our online Church.

The need to build a church without border is even more eminent in our present day; working in diaspora, city lockdowns due to pandemics and many other reasons have necessitated the establishment and growth of the Church online. Here in RCCG Jesus house Port Harcourt, we are bringing the entire experience of an in-person member to our online members. We beseech you to go ahead and register. benefits of registering as an online member include:

  • Get notification of our services
  • Grouped into an Online Sunday School Class
  • Grouped into an Online House Fellowship
  • You can reach out to us more closely
  • Accountability
  • Sense of Community
  • Opportunity to make a difference.

Thank you for making a decision to join our online community, we hope you’d enjoy the bonding and sharing. God bless you..!

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