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Make Him a Sanctuary ~ Pst. Davies Otonye

Make Him a Sanctuary ~ Pst. Davies Otonye


In Exodus 25, we see that the lord was speaking to the children of Israel, when they were on a journey. In the previous chapter, in chapter 24, the Lord had called Moses, Aaron and some other persons to the mount and was speaking to them about very important issue. He began to discuss with them,the things that they needed to work with him and to move forward. However, in chapter 25 verse 8, he spoke about very important issue – A sanctuary to dwell in.

It means that God does not dwell in your sacrifices, He does not dwell in the things that you bring to him. He does not dwell in those things that we believe He dwells in, He dwells in our sanctuary. And if God will dwell with us, then we need to have a santuary beffiting of his habitation.

What is a sanctuary? A sanctuary is a sacred place, a place set apart, reserved and preserved. What is the sanctuary the Lord is speaking about? It is our body.

This morning we want to learn some lessons from God’s interaction between God and the people of Israel in Exodus 24 and 25.


  1. There is a need for the sprinkling of the blood. In the covenant, the blood is necessary; in the old testament, it was the blood of bulls and animals. In the new testament, it is the blood of Jesus.
  2. God does not dwell in our sacrifices of morney and material things. God requires our obedience much more than sacrifice.
  3. If we need God to dwell in us, we must make him a sanctuary as He has demanded of us.
  4. The sanctuary is a sacred place to God. Hence, it must contain the things that are not offensive to God. If your heart habours thaings that are offensive to God, your heart cannot be a sanctuary unto the Lord.
  5. A man or woman that God will dwell in must ensure that they do not submit their members unto works of unrighteousness. Rom. 12:1

The Lord is speaking to us: He says – make me a sanctuary. God wants men and women that are pure in the heart. God wants people that will not memorize how to praise but will worship from the heart. God seeks men that has understood the clear purpose why they are following him.


  • Father Lord, I ask for your mercy continually upon my life.
  • Father Lord, uphold me in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, whatever it is, that disqualifies me from being your sanctuary, take care of it in the name of Jesus.

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