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Fresh Fire ~ Rev. Prof. Mosy Madugba

Fresh Fire ~ Rev. Prof. Mosy Madugba

Topic: Fresh Fire
Text:    Matt. 3:11, Acts 2:1
Preacher: Rev. Prof. Mosy Madugba
First Service

This is how the church was born; the day the church was born, everybody in the house had fire. That means the fire came inside and was visible over their heads. Everybody was baptized in the Holy spirit. The church was not like a social function, it was born in a prayer room, where everybody caught fire and was baptized with the holy ghost.

The Baptism of the Holy ghost and fire is a promise for all that believes in God, Peter told the congregation in the same Acts 2. Paul also enlightened the church at Ephesus on the Baptism of the Holy spirit because of its necessity. Some of you may have been baptized with the Holy spirit but you have never sensed the fire of God within you, it is very essential. If God is in a thing, there will be fire there. The day He introduced himself to Moses in Exodus 3:1-2, he appeared as fire; what Moses saw was fire and that Fire was God’s presence. The day He visited Israel at Mount Sinai – Exodus 19, He came as fire. The Bible says “His sit where He is seated is surrounded by fire”. Then if through Christ the Fathers on earth wants to reflect the Father in heaven, the Fathers on earth must carry the fire of his Father; he must look like his Father otherwise he is not, because no lion will give birth to a chicken. If you don’t have the fire, you will have a dull Christian life; your worship will be dull, your praise will be dull, when people are moving and worshipping you will be dragging your feet as one that is being pushed. If the church was born with fire, the church cannot grow without fire.

What can you do without the fire of God? For Elijah, fire was part of the was part of his weapon of warfare, as he brings he down at the camp of the enemy. As for you, can bring down what you don’t have. He bible says very clearly, 2 Thess. 1:17 when Jesus will come back, he will come in the midst of firethis means that you may not even be caught up on that day if you are a cold because person.

The reason why many men cannot lead morning devotion in their family is because they’ve lost their fire, the reason why the flesh takes upper hand in one’s life is because his fire is down. As a man, when you have fire, you’ll wake up with a new song every morning. When you have the fire, nobody will remind you of your responsibilities to God. If you have fire you can’t be hidden, what mess up people’s life can come close to you. It is God’s desire to make us fire, Psalm 104:4 “Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers flaming fire”. Catch Fresh fire. Luke 12:49 “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I if it be already kindled?” – Jesus said this is the purpose for which I came. When Samson set the foxes on fire, he used them to fight for God. If animals can work well with fire, what about man. When you are on fire, the Devil can’t approach you. In the days of Moses, God used the fire to block the enemies away; He put fire up as a wall and the children of Israel used it to see but the enemies couldn’t come close. Some of the struggles we have is because we don’t have fire. Your Christian lie is active when your fire is burning.

When you are on fire as a man, your wife will be very happy with you, same as your children, but when you are not on fire, your family will be moody. When you are on fire, there will be no dullness in your life. The secrete of the Asuza street revival was because a young man caught fire. If we must have impact today as a church and as a people, you must catch this fire. A man of fire cannot be hidden, he takes it to his family and workplace, etc.

Today, we will rise and ask the LORD for fresh fire.

Prayer Point

  • My Father, my Father, baptize me afresh with your Holy spirit and fire
  • Command every fire extinguisher within you to come out in Jesus name

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