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Forms of Destiny Destroyers ~ Pst Belemina Obunge

Forms of Destiny Destroyers ~ Pst Belemina Obunge

TOPIC: Forms of Destiny Destroyers
TEXT: Jeremiah 29:11
SPEAKER: Pst Belemina Obunge

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

For I know the thought s that I think towards you, saith the lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


There are other forms of Destiny Destroyers and they are:

I. Disobedience (Deut28:1,2,15):

Verses 1 and 2 speaks of the blessings that come with obedience to God’s Word but then the opposite comes when we disobey his Word, which is the emphasis of verse 15.

Prayer: Anything that will hinder God’s blessings upon your life, may such yokes be broken in the name of Jesus.

1Kings13- Speaks of a young prophet who gave the word of God in a city then the king spoke against it and his hand got withered.

But God having mercy allowed the prophet pray for him and the king’s hand got restored.

Then in verse 7 the king invited him over to dine with him but he rejected. “There are some blessings that God would not want you to take”.

Verse 8 speaks of the instruction that was given to him from God, which he obeyed by rejecting the king’s offer. But then he allowed himself to be deceived by an older prophet who claimed to have heard from God. “There are prophets that operate with lying spirit, you must be careful where you go to”.

The younger prophet was eventually killed because he listened to a lying spirit. “God is no respecter of persons”.

“Partial disobedience is disobedience”. What caused the children of Israel to wander in the wilderness is “disobedience”. Isaiah 1:19,20. “Your obedience will be tested”. Just like Abraham when God instructed him to sacrifice his only son.

Prayer: Every stronghold of disobedience that had operated and given room to destruction, let that strong hold be destroyed in Jesus name.

*Testimony of the sports festival how God gave him a strategy and he obeyed and the next day 10 million was donated for the festival.

Prayer: My Father, My Father, I repent from every stronghold of disobedience, please forgive me in the name of Jesus.

Prayer: Oh Lord reveal your strategies to me in Jesus name.

Prayer: I pray for someone here by His grace and mercy if he had gone away from God’s word may His mercy come forth in the name of Jesus. May your ears be opened to Divine strategy that he may experience God’s blessings from every side in Jesus name.

II. Delay: there are various kinds of delay;

a. Satanic infused delay,

b. Flesh induced delay and

c. Spiritual delay.

Gen 19:4-16. The Bible explained how Lot lingered when instruction came from God to flee but by God’s mercy he was saved.

Heb 3:7,8.

Prayer: My Father, My Father, I reject every stronghold of delay in the name of Jesus.

Prayer: My Father, My Father, Lord of host by your power destroy every satanic force hindering my blessing and delaying my breakthrough, destroy them in Jesus name.

Declaration: I declare and decree every force from the pit of hell that is delaying your blessings be destroyed in Jesus name. Every stronghold of the flesh delaying your blessings be destroyed in Jesus name. I pray that the grace for patience to wait for God’s timing may that grace abound in the name of Jesus.

III. Devourers: 1 Peter 5:8

Sickness is a devourer. John 5:3-9. When sickness comes in, no matter the plans you have everything becomes stagnant.

Mal 3:11

Prayer: I declare every devourer in your life be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

Curses also brings forth devourers. Parents should watch on the words they speak to their children.

Prayer: Every devourer that is operating over your children, over your destiny let that stronghold be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

IV. Defilers:

Evil thoughts defile: Mark 17:15

Bitterness defiles: Heb12:15

Sexual defilement: 1Cor 3:17

All destroy God’s blessings in our life.

Prayer: In any way I’ve given room to defilement I am sorry please forgive me.


Almighty God, I come before your presence, with sincerity of heart asking for your mercy I am very sorry for every act of compromise, for every act of sin please forgive me. As from today, I give my life, I rededicate my life to Jesus have your way in my life. Oh Lord as from today remove my name from the book of death and transfer to the book of Life thank you Jesus in Jesus name.


Father behold your sons and daughters I present them to you, your word says whoever comes to you, you will in no wise cast out.

I ask as your sons and daughters have come forth please write their name in the book of Life remove their name from every book of damnation.

Today let them have reasons to celebrate exceedingly. I pray not just for them but for everyone that hears my voice that as from this moment, the stronghold of destiny destroyers be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

That by your grace and mercy, your blessings that maketh everything and addeth no sorrow be multiplied among your children in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father blessed be the name in Jesus name we’ve prayed. Amen.

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