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Exceeding Expectations ~ Pst. Belemina Obunge

Exceeding Expectations ~ Pst. Belemina Obunge

Topic: Exceeding Expectations.
Text: Acts 13:21-23
Speaker: Pst. Belemina Obunge

Date: 11th July, 2021| 2nd Service

Acts 13:21-23 (GNT)/(KJV)

Acts 13.21. And when they asked for a king, God gave them Saul son of Kish from the tribe of Benjamin, to be their king for forty years. 22. After removing him, God made David their king. This is what God said about him: “I have found that David son of Jesse is the kind of man I like, a man who will do all I want him to do.’ 23. It was Jesus, a descendant of David, whom God made the Savior of the people of Israel, as he had promised. (GNT)

Acts.13.22 And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will. 23. Of this man’s seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus: (KJV)


There was something unique about David that made God promised to bring our Saviour Jesus from his seed.

Prayer: Greatness shall come forth from your family in the Name of Jesus. Your family shall be synonymous to greatness in the Name of Jesus.

David had a unique grace right from the time he was a teenager. The grace to exceed expectations. And it was that Grace that caused God to bless him with the privilege of birthing The Saviour.

Prayer: Wherever you go forth may you standout for good in the Name of Jesus. When the eyes of The Lord are going to and fro may the Eyes of The Lord come upon you for unique upliftment in the Name of Jesus. The grace to exceed expectations may it be released upon your life in the Name of Jesus.

My Father my Father, may the grace to exceed expectations be made manifest upon my life in the Name of Jesus.

The Manifestations of Grace for Exceeding Expectations.

1. The grace caused David to step into divine ordination through favour before king Saul: 1Samuel 16:16-21. The grace that was upon David was so exceptional that even king Saul loved him without measure and had to replace his armour bearer with David not knowing he was fulfilling God’s divine ordination upon David’s life. For the the expectations and requirements of the the king was far exceeded when the testimony of David was revealed to him.

Prayer: I declare and decree that an overtaking anointing be upon you in the Name of Jesus. I speak forth by reason of the grace of exceeding expectations, even if someone has been in the position, there will be divine replacement in the Name of Jesus. The Lord Himself shall lift you in the Name of Jesus. As His anointing prevails upon you, the grace of God shall cause you to be preferred above others in the Name of Jesus. The anointing makes the difference, may the anointing, as you go forth with your skills and talents, as you go forth in your assignments, may people see that it is not just ordinary. But may they see God in manifestation in the Name of Jesus.

2. The grace brought anointing for his skills to blossom: “David exceeded expectations with his skills while The Lord was with him.” We are to ensure that God is involved in everything we do so that that grace to exceed expectations, shall be made manifest. Just like Peter the Apostle toiled all night, he had the skill but there was no yield but when Jesus(the anointing) came into his boat by the time Peter manifested his skills by reason of divine direction, there was abondance.

Prayer: As you go forth this week there shall be a unique upliftment in your life in the Name of Jesus. There shall be spectacular productivity in your life in the Name of Jesus. Supernatural productivity in the Name of Jesus.

3. The grace stired him up to render extraordinary praises to God: Even when it comes to praising God. He didn’t look at his title, he didn’t look at his fame. His praise exceeded expectations. For he knew The One who made him who he was. Psalm 9:1; 103:1. The big question now is, do your praise exceed expectations? 2Samuel 6:14. The dance David rendered to God was an amazement to the entire nation to the point that his wife despised it and that caused her destiny to be sealed. Don’t look at the disposition of others when it comes to giving God His deserved praise. Don’t allow any portfolio or title to hinder your praises.

 Prayer: As we go forth in life, as we continue to praise God, may we not give room to limitations to our praising God in the Name of Jesus. Spirit, Soul and Body, may we jamb and dance and praise the Lord in the Name of Jesus.

4. The grace compelled him to give in abundance for the house of God(the Temple): David exceeded expectations in providing for the temple in his giving. 1Chronicles 29:2-3. And he passed that Grace to his son and his people that made them give willingly with a perfect heart. 1Chronicles 29:6-7. Don’t wait for people to say give before giving. Go beyond expectations in your giving that others may see and be convinced in their hearts to give for the furtherance of the Kingdom.

Prayer: The grace for us to out give to exceed expectations in our giving, may it be made manifest in the Name of Jesus.

5. The grace instilled in him the passion to seek after God: David exceeded expectations in the way he sought after God. Psalm 63:1; 119:10; 42:1-2; 27:4. Though he had all at his disposal yet that didn’t alter his desire for God. Now the question is how well do we seek God? Does it exceed expectations like David’s? No wonder God had no choice but to bless his linage with the privilege of birthing The Saviour Jesus. Even when he sined against God. He forgot his image, his title, his position and went to God with his entire heart to seek for mercy. Psalm 51.


My Father my Father, help me oh Lord to manifest the grace of exceeding expectation. I reject every yoke of limitation. I want my life to please you. Oh Lord, in anyway I’ve not met up to your standards, in anyway I’ve failed you. I am sorry, have mercy upon me in the Name of Jesus. Oh Lord, help me to do more for you. Help me to please you everyday of my life. Help me to exceed expectations to your glory in the Name of Jesus.

Prayer of Salvation

Almighty God, I come into your presence, with sincerity of heart asking for your mercy. I am very sorry for every act of sin. Please forgive me. Jesus come into my life. Be my personal Lord and Saviour. Help me to live a Holy life. I need your help. Thank you Jesus for giving me this opportunity by your grace and mercy I will not fail you. In Jesus Name I pray.

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