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Emmanuel (God’s precious gift) ~ Sis. Stephanie

Emmanuel (God’s precious gift) ~ Sis. Stephanie

Topic: Emmanuel (God’s precious gift)
Text: John 3:16
Minister: Sis. Stephanie

How many of us can say we love our chains?I know sometimes, it may look like we don’t have chains but we do. Some of us are ensnared or rather chained up because of the lust of the flesh, because of the pride of life, because of the things we tend to be chasing after. We’ve got so consumed with the issues of this life, that we forget the precious Gift, Emmanuel, that God has given to us. We get consumed chasing after money and other things.

When Jesus came, there is something that he did that we sometimes forget; when he came, he didn’t just give his life, he gave his time. He went about doing good to everyone he came in contact with; there was no life he didn’t touch, except he didn’t come in contact with that life. How are we touching lives? It is Christmas and you can say you are giving people food, giving them cash, and so on. Have you given them the word of God? Have you thought of giving them Emmanuel – the precious gift?

There are few points we would look at concerning this precious gift Emmanuel. The first question I’ll like us to ask ourselves is “What is that gift you can give to your brother, your neighbour, even your enemy?” John 3:16 shows us a profound measure of the love of God to mankind. We ought to give the same gift to everyone we come in contact with. It’s Chrstmas, and we are celebrating the gift God gave to us, how about sharing it with someone else.

Everything has a price tag. What would the gift cost you and I? God does not want us to give the belief that we have faith, just that belief is not enough. We have to encourage others to accept the gift. The bible says Jesus is the truth and the life, anyone who knows him has life in abundance. It is written that “Let our light so shine so that men may see our good works and glorify our father which is in Heaven.” Are we truely shining our lights?

It is written in Romans 6:23 “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God which is christ Jesus, is eternal life in Christ.” For anybody living in sin, it means the person is ready for the wages which is death. Some people may not die immediately, but there is something called spiritual death as well.

What happens if I have accepted this gift before but realized that I’ve lost it; this is where God is calling us for reconcilation. God’s gift is always with us, and within us. Romans 11:29

Prayer Point

  • Father please give us the grace to know you more.
  • Father help us to live above every imagination that stands against you knowledge in our lives.

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