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Blessed People ~ Bro. Dike Ahunanya

Blessed People ~ Bro. Dike Ahunanya

Topic: Blessed People
Text: Philippians 2:12-13
Speaker: Bro. Dike Ahunanya

Date: 13th June, 2021 | 1st Service

Philippians 2:12-13

12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; 13 for it is God who works in both to will and to do for His good pleasure.


The Blessing of God is basically God’s goodwill and good works spoken to us and then fulfillment of the conditions of those good words.

God works something in you but you have to work it out. He speaks the blessings but we have to speak it out.

Two things that will prevent you from enjoying the blessing

1. Unbelieve/Doubt: God said something but you choose not to believe it.

2. Ignorance: You can never access all the wonderful things God has for you if you’re ignorant of it and we will know about it by studying our Bible.

Who are the blessed people (the 7C’s)

1. Chosen: Ephesians 1:4, it is the chosen that have access to God’s blessings, they are the blessed people themselves and by accepting Jesus, we gain access to become the chosen.

2. Committed: The blessing is not only about the good. Romans 8:35-38, the committed are those people that despite any situation or condition, they will still stand and stay connected to God. They don’t allow trials take them away from God.

3. Confident: Psalms 107:17-22, this depicts trust, having confidence in God, and the blessed people are people that are confident in their God.

4. Compassionate: Romans 8:28, if you love God, you will love people and the blessed are people that have love in their hearts for people. Romans 5:5, God is so wonderful that He has put that love in our heart but because of certain things, we refuse to allow that love to come out. If only we would allow that love to come out, we would see it and people will see it through us.

5. Chastened: There is no parent that loves his/her children that will not chastened/discipline them. God loves us and even when we make mistakes, he chastens us. That shows that we are truly His children because if we were not truly His children, He would just leave us to keep misbehaving. The chastened are part of the people that are blessed. Hebrew 12:7-9

6. Challenged: The fact that you are going through issues in life doesn’t mean that you are not blessed, we would go through trials, James 1:12. The blessings comes from within so “blessed is that man that goes through challenges” because when he’s gone through that challenges, he will receive a crown.

7. Crowned: These are the people who will receive the crown because they have gone through a process, there is a process we need to go through.

Behaviors Blessed people have (Psalm 1)

1. The man that is blessed doesn’t work in the council of the ungodly.

2. Blessed people do not stand in the way of sinners.

3. Blessed people do not sit in the seat of the scornful.

4. He delights in the laws of the Lord.

5. He meditates in God’s word all the time.

6. The blessed man bears/yields fruits (bearing fruits means to bring products from what God has deposited inside of you, Ephesians 1:3)

7. Blessed people prosper.

Ephesians 2:7, God has so many things planned for us in the ages to come, we are just busy looking at this age but God has gone way ahead of us. He has stacked up massive blessings for us and he expects us to follow Him.

God is wonderful, but you need to take time to study Him, follow Him step by step because you are a blessed person. Forget about the ideologies of the world that the blessings are assigned to material things. You are blessed because God said so.


The words we speak matters, we need to speak the right words concerning our lives, we need to speak the blessings, if you don’t speak it, who will speak it for you. Revelation 12:11, we win and overcome by speaking. John 16:63, the words that we speak carries life, we need to form the habit of speaking good words. Condition yourself to be a blessing, let the blessings that is within you come out. The fact that you are going through challenges doesn’t mean you are not blessed.

It’s only those that are in Christ that are qualified for all the blessings of God, John 3:18. God is inviting you today to be in the family of the blessed and partake of numerous blessings God has installed for you.


God, I want to be a part of your family, I want to be a part of the blessed, I want to be a part of the chosen, I want to experience what it feels like to really be blessed, I want to be among those whom you will favor, whom you will cause your light to shine upon. In Jesus name amen.


Father I thank you because you have blessed me, not because of what I have, not because of what I’m doing but because you love me father, I am grateful, I am thankful. You are too wonderful and marvelous.

I am sorry for the way I have tied your blessings to material things and not to what you have done, father, I am sorry and I repent of every of such. Lord I turn to you, and today I decide that I will be a blessing and live out that blessings that is inside of me and others will see it. I will be drawn to you. In Jesus name amen.

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