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Becoming Like the Father as we behold him ~Pst. David Adewuyi

Topic: Becoming Like the Father as we behold him
Text: Col. 1: 9 – 15
Speakers: Pst. David Adewuyi

Becoming means to be translated, to be formed. To show forth something or to display.
It means displaying everything that can be seen in the father.
It means to manifest.
To behold means to look upon, to focus, to gaze.
Lets look closely at our topic today, becoming like the father as we behold him

Why becoming?

  1. Because we are created in His image to display His glory. – Gen 1:31
  2. It is the pathway to having or partaking what is ours in Him.
    • What so ever that is in our life that would make God to refuse us be uprooted by the mighty hand of God.
    • Some people are swimming in sin unknowingly until it is too late. May you sin not trail you after.
  3. It is the pathway to pleasing our father.
    • Jesus is our perfect example. – John 8:29
    • May the Lord never be able to turn His back on you.
  4. It is the pathway for Him to be formed in us. – Gal. 4:19
    • The whole essence of our salvation is that Christ would be formed in us.
    • May it be your portion that whenever people look at you, they’d perceive Christ.
  5. To enjoy the fullness of everything that belongs to us in Him. – 1 John 3: 22-24
    As we become like the father may we enjoy the fullness of everything that belongs to us in Him

How do we behold Him?

  1. By looking unto Him – Heb. 12:2.
    • Jesus is the embodiment of the totality of all God wants us to learn. – 1 Pet 2:21
    • What would Jesus Do in any situation.
    Let us see a few patterns to learn from Jesus:
  2. Total Submission – John 5:30
    • May God give us grace to be totally submissive to Him and His counsel and command.
  3. To be led by the Spirit of God. – Matt 4:21
    • Because it was the Holy Spirit that was leading Him (Jesus) He came out victorious.
  4. Living by the Word – Isaiah 40:8, Jer. 1:12, Isaiah 55:11, Matt. 4:4
    • May the Lord uproot anything that would make the word of God lose its power in your life.
    • May the Lord direct you to the word that you need for that season in your life.
    • Prov 4:20 – 22, the struggle in Christendom today is because we are not spending time with the word.

Point to take from our text:
• Seek the knowledge of His will
• Work worthy of Him.
• Increase in His knowledge 2 Cor. 3:18
• May your life carry authentic power.
• As we look at the image of the master may the Lo
• May the Hand of the Lord cut off anything that would move you from the location where your divine allocation has been predestined.

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