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Back to the Basics ~ Pst Belemina Obunge

Back to the Basics ~ Pst Belemina Obunge

Topic: Back to the Basics
Text: Matthew 7:21-27
Preacher: Pastor Belemina Obunge

2nd Service

We are not ignorant in any way, of the fact that, the beauty of our garment, does not in any way indicate the beauty of our homes. We are not ignorant of the fact that the eloquence of language does not in any way define the fineness of what is going on in our homes. The word of God is clear, that is not everyone that call God that will make heaven, but those that does his will.

It is interesting the bible likens it to a house. This talks about every house going through challenging times at one point or the other. And each and every one of us do knows that troubles come, challenges come, winds blow and very strong winds blow. Interestingly, while some home remains firmly rooted and steadfast, others collapse with the wind that blows. The Bible makes it clear that those that heeds to what the Lord says, whose foundation are built on the basics of the word of God, their homes will be standing when the wind blows. Those that decides to do things their own way, Bible makes us to know that when the wind blows, the home scatters.

Research has it that the number of Divorce is increasing by the day, despite the increase of churches and fellowships. What then could be the challenge? Proverbs 22:28 (NIV). Don’t allow westernization move it. Don’t allow the fact that you are now more educated than your dad or your mum, move it and cause you to compromise. It’s all about foundations, and the building that stands is all about its foundation. Psalm 11:3.

It’s important for us to discuss a bit about foundations. Ephesians 2:19-22 (NIV). What we have heard of the word of God, from the Apostles and the prophet, we have built on as our foundation and Jesus is the Chief corner stone. So, what’s the foundation that the Apostles and the Prophet has put forth? Let’s not forget that the foundation supports the building. So, when there is a strong foundation in a family, the foundation supports the family in times when the troubles will come. Of course, the troubles will come, and it is almost impossible for it not to come. But the word of God tells us that there is a foundation that is Jesus and if a family or person is rooted in him, he supports the person.

Foundations also determines the level of development. Foundation also makes the family steadfast 1 Cor. 15:58. The storm is blowing, but the family is unmovable and focused, doing the work of God. It is important for us to go back to the Basics, not just as a family but even as an individual.


1.            Remember your first love. Rev. 2:1-5

2.            Repent – Genuine repentance. Isaiah 55:6

3.            Read God’s word

4.            Realize who God has made you to be

5.            Relationship. Intimacy with God.

6.            Resilience. We must be resilient and holding fast on God.

7.            Receptive one towards another. Colossians 3:13

8.            Raise Christian virtues and values in. your life. Your life should summarize Christianity.


i.              Self-centeredness. One can be born-again but still allow self to limit him.

ii.             Society. Psalm 1:1-2, Romans 12:2

iii.            Sin. Proverbs. 13:21


My Father, my father, have mercy upon me, in any way I have given in to compromise.

Oh Lord, I am going back to the Basics. Help me to take my rightful place in you.

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