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An Ambassador ~ Sis. Mercy

An Ambassador ~ Sis. Mercy

1st Service 10-Apr-22

Topic:    An Ambassador
Text:      2 Corinthians 5:17-20
Minister: Sister Mercy

Are You An Ambassador For Christ?

An Ambassador is the highest-ranking person who represents his or her own government while living in another country.

In Christ – an Ambassador is the highest-ranking person who represent God while living on earth.

The moment you become a new creature in Christ, you automatically become an ambassador who have been sent to represent God here on earth. So, your duty as a believer is to represent Christ on earth; even when you don’t understand, you keep representing him; even when it seems foolish you keep representing him, even when you do not look like what the world understands, you keep representing him. This is who an Ambassador is and this is who we are in Christ the moment old things past away.

From our Anchor text, our focus will be reconciliation. Now when we say reconciliation, as an ambassador, you have been given the ministry of reconciliation.

What then is reconciliation?

This is an act of causing two people or groups to become friends again after an argument of disagreement. So, for this to be called reconciliation, it means that these parties were together before; there was either a disagreement or an argument that cause them to set-apart which required reconciliation to bring them back together.

This is the whole story of God and man: God made man for fellowship, to fellowship with Him but there was a breach in the relationship. Now God sends Jesus Christ to come and reconcile humankind to himself, so man was reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ, that is why we can say we are now a new creature. So, you cannot say that you are an ambassador when you’ve never intentionally made a decision to make Jesus Lord over your life. An Ambassador is someone that keeps representing the one he follows.

As Ambassadors of Christ Jesus, we must put our all in all to see that we follow Christ. We should follow him with everything that we have, with everything going on in the society, with everything that we put our hand to do, because our first goal is to follow Christ. We ought to always give men the room to see God first before they see any other thing about us, but most times, we fail to do this thing.

We must always align to Jesus in every seconds of our day; giving God only one hour is not sufficient enough.. we should allow God take every single second of our day.


1.            God has reconciled us to himself by Christ Jesus

2.            God has given us the ministry of reconciliation

3.            God has committed unto us the word of reconciliation

When you are reconciling men to Christ, what is the “word”, what is the message? We have many messages in the world today but God expects us to go with his word when engaging in the ministry of reconciliation. We don’t go with the word we heard from someone else, we go with the word of the one who has reconciled us to himself. Those who are Ambassadors of Christ always move with the spirit of God and align themselves to what the spirit it saying.


1.            By being an example (2 Cor. 5:18)

2.            Pray for all men (2 Cor. 5:20)

3.            Not counting their sins against them

The ministry of reconciliation is the reason why we are on earth; every other thing is secondary. You don’t have to be a pastor, deacon or in any office before you profess the love of Christ; of course, these offices are there for their purpose, but you who is a new creature, you have been given the ministry of reconciliation.


  • Lord, help me to be the Ambassador you have called me to be.
  • Lord, help me to be the exact person you have created me to be

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